Interview: All Saints Parish & Community News

One of Winchester’s best known estate agents, Nony Kerr-Smiley, has recently
become an independent and freelance agent after more than 22 years
working on Jewry Street for leading agencies.

“It all came about rather organically really”, Nony explains, “having left the job
I loved last summer, I was wondering how/what to do next, when a past client
called me in November, and asked me to sell his house for him. I called
Martin and Co, to ask if they could help, as they are a local agent, and the
director knew the owner of that property personally. Martin and Co then
listed the house, and I worked under their umbrella as a freelance agent, and
it was sale agreed that Friday.”

This was the catalyst to Nony launching as an Independent agent, which
seemed the logical step. As an independent agent, Nony undertakes some
search agent work, and is currently endeavouring to find a specific property
for a client in London; and advises local buyers and sellers on values in the
market ahead of them making offers on properties with agents. Alongside
this, she works under the Martin and Co umbrella as a freelance estate agent,
marketing properties in and around Winchester. In this role, Nony values and
lists properties, undertakes all the viewings personally, and really gets to
know her home owners, the property itself, and the buyers who then make
offers. She then undertakes all the sales progression and sees the property
transaction through to exchange and completion. All photography and
Matterport video tours are professionally taken, to ensure that every property
is presented in the best way possible.

“I think the market has been crying out for a boutique service like this”, says
Nony, “the return of good old fashioned values, looking after buyers and
sellers in a 1:1 basis”. As such, Nony only aims to list 2-3 properties a month. “I am not looking for market domination”, she says, “any more than this, and I would not be able to give the focussed service to the clients which I am looking to do.”

Nony is delighted and proud that her standing in the property community,
having looked after so many clients over the years, that the houses she has
been listing have predominantly been from past customers who have sought
her out. “Since going freelance in the sales market last December, I have ten
properties currently under offer, and four properties currently being
marketed. There are two others currently in the holding bay awaiting launch,
and buyers anxiously waiting.”

“Martin and Co has been really supportive, and offering me a role as their
freelance agent/consultant has been really helpful, to bolster the other work I
am doing as an agent in the background”, says Nony, who also won the
Negotiator of the Year in 2016 by the Times and Sunday Times. “Customer
service, and truly caring about people is at the forefront of all I do. Treat
people as you would wish to be treated, and you can’t go wrong”, says Nony.