Nony’s April Weekend Update

Saturday 10th April 2021

Good afternoon and welcome to my April update!

Hope everyone had a lovely Easter. Our house is still heaving with chocolate.

The trouble with Easter Eggs is that, for me, they are just too pretty to want to break, so I end up keeping them for months, and simply noshing on ‘ordinary’ bars of Cadburys’

Easter brings me to a funny story (children, don’t read!) … a good number of years ago, when the children were still young (say, 6&8?), I got up early on an Easter Sunday morning to pop some chocolate eggs around the garden before they woke up.

I then smugly snuck back to bed to await them waking up. 

A couple of hours later, they appeared, so I suggested they go out early and do their ‘hunt’.

Except that we had a cat. A brilliant cat. She was possibly the best cat the world has ever known, and we loved her. She opened doors. She wee’d on the loo. She was more human than feline.

But Nala loved rabbits.

Seconds after the girls had rushed down the stairs and into the garden, they ran back in screaming … ‘Mummy Mummy, Nala has killed the Easter Bunny!!’.

Needless to say, that in the intervening two hours between Mummy hiding the eggs in the garden, and the girls running out to find them, Nala, true to form had caught herself some early breakfast.

‘Girls, did the rabbit have a bonnet, and a basket?’? I asked?? ‘No …’ they answered. 

‘Then it wasn’t the Easter bunny ….’.

All was well.

And back to houses.   I have now been freelancing for about 15/16 weeks or so, and I must thank all my clients for their faith in me.  It has been heart warming.  To that end, I have just had my third ‘Exchange of Contracts’, for which I am delighted.   Furthermore, I have three other properties on the market, seven in the ‘holding bay’ awaiting launch, and twelve under offer. 

I am so pleased with how it is going but owe it all to my clients, most of whom have followed me from previous dealings in agency, and like the way I work.

To that end, I was delighted and touched to receive this today on my LinkedIn page, which pretty much sums up what I do, how I work, and why it matters:

“I bought my first house in Winchester through Nony. I didn’t even remember the company name behind which she operated because she made our family, our wishes and our needs personal. It was all her! It wasn’t a transaction but more of an interaction.

She broke her wrist showing us a house my wife was so insistent on seeing which she knew we wouldn’t like, but she kept listening and kept persevering to show us something that we would eventually end up buying.

We are now selling, buying, looking and my experience of other estate agents in Winchester is just astonishing. Values, ethics, morals are not to be seen.

It’s crazy that a home and the biggest investment a family can make is nothing more than a transaction. Nony on the other hand is selfless, relentless and morally just different.”


If you are thinking of moving, and would like to have a chat about me marketing your home for you, please do give me a call.

I would be delighted to come and see you, or talk over the telephone. 

My web site is where you will also find lots of tips and ideas for how to market your home, get a mortgage, choose a survey etc.

Have a super month!