Nony’s January Weekend Update

Saturday 23rd January 2021

Hi all, ok so the picture above is from my windowsill. I just love hyacinths, especially just after Christmas and into the New Year. The bulbs flowering is like a fresh start to the New Year, so Happy 2021 everyone!

I can’t believe that it has been a month since my last ‘Weekend Update’ – the time has flown by! I am loving being an Independent Agent, after years of being an employed estate agent in Winchester.   It has been a roller-coaster of a few weeks but I am totally delighted by the amazing homes which have been entrusted to me to sell, and most of which have already been Sale Agreed.  I am enjoying not having meetings each day to set my targets … I work for myself so any meeting would be short with me talking to myself, and with only one coffee cup to wash up!

As I write this, I have just fed my ‘pet’ … no, not a cat/dog/rabbit … it’s actually my sourdough base.  For those of you who have never made a sourdough loaf of bread (ok, I am a newbie convert to it too, so still in that ‘crowing’ phase of new-ness, following my last fads of chocolate chip cookies and muffins!), instead of opening a packet of yeast, you need to have a ‘sourdough’ base, which need ‘feeding’ regularly, otherwise it dies …  I have become a loving parent to this goo, and feed it almost daily, albeit I only make a loaf or two at weekends. With all this ‘feeding’, I might just revert back to the chocolate muffins … the children won’t complain …(!)

But, as I wrote in a post in social media last week, strange as it might seem,  I equate sour dough in some level to the work I do in estate agency.  Methodical planning with the right ingredients will make for a more satisfying conclusion.  If you don’t feed the ‘starter’, prepare and follow the recipe, the loaf will sink, or be tough and unappetising.  Being a good agent requires careful planning and a ‘recipe’/routemap to doing the job well. Take the fast route, or get a pre-made loaf, and it will have less quality and be less satisfying in the long run.  I build on quality ingredients (ie experience), give clients time (I am freelance, my time is yours!), Create a good result (your home sale in the right, ethical and timely way).

I have had some super properties come onto the market in the past month  – including the most spectacular apartment on Chilbolton Avenue, overlooking Royal Winchester Golf Course with infinite west facing views. It is just as well that I don’t own this home – I would just stare out of the window all day ….!  2 bedroom apartment for sale in Connaught Square, Chilbolton Avenue, SO22  (I have a vitual tour/walk through, so let me know if you’d like a ‘wander around’ this beautiful home!).

I also agreed the sale of a fabulous detached house in Hyde, which the buyers’ have amazing plans for. There is a brilliant apartment coming on, really close to the High Street, photographs due next week, and I have the most beautiful house in the pipeline … more details to follow.

Life is busy but brilliant fun … one of the ‘highlights’ was standing outside a house recording a ‘coming soon’ video, in the midst of Storm Christophe on Wednesday morning.  Let no-one tell you that an estate agent’s life is always a glamorous one … I got a call in the middle of the video, which stopped the filming.  However it did make me think of the bit in “Elf” where the chap said to the journalist in Central Park, “Sorry to ruin your first big news story, Charlotte …!” …

All properties are loaded onto my (new and really stunning) web site – please do take a look! I am really thrilled with it. It was created by Rob at Condor Media UK (introduced to me by the fabulous, Emily from Your Brand House), who quite frankly has to be the most calm and understanding chap ever.  I am really good at property. I live and breathe it.  But I know absolutely nothing about web sites etc.  He would occasionally call and ask if I wanted this or that … my silence confirmed to him that I knew little, if anything, about what he was suggesting … to which I could hear him simply smile, and say … “Shall I just get on and do it ..??”. The answer was always ‘Yes please …’ …

Hope you have a good weekend ahead.  Whilst Christmas may be over, and the decorations are put away for another year, and If you are looking for a bit of socially distanced family fun, there is joyously still a way to see Winchester’s Theatre Royal’s pantomime – ‘Four Dames’.  The Company did a ‘live recording’, which you can rent and watch at home.  So, grab some popcorn, and settle in for some festive fun! Watch Four Dames in Search of a Panto Online | Vimeo On Demand on Vimeo

So that is almost that for this ‘hello’ message!! I really do look forward to hearing from you if you would like to discuss potentially selling your home.  I truly believe that, within a simple conversation, you will quickly realise that I am not like ‘normal’ agents.  Actually, amusingly, I did hear from different clients this week that there are a couple of agents within an agency who have called them over recent weeks asking for their properties.  These potential sellers replied that they always use Nony.  The agents each replied, “I’ll be your Nony …”. The clients each said, “No, there is only one …”…!

Have a lovely weekend!