Nony’s February Weekend Update

Sunday 14th February 2021 – St Valentine’s Day!

Hi all, Happy Valentine’s Day!! I do hope you have been massively spoilt today, and the walk to your letterbox was an obstacle course due to all the flowers, cards and chocolates which were delivered.

The past month has whizzed by since my January update, where on earth has the time gone?? It has been a wonderful month. As at yesterday, in the past ten weeks, I have been invited to market fourteen properties, of which seven are under offer, four currently on market, and four in the holding bay ready to launch when the owners are ready (nearer to spring 2021).  I am enormously grateful to all my clients for following me and entrusting their homes to me for marketing.  In the past week alone, we have agreed a sale on a beautiful Victorian house in Orams Arbour, and instructed on a large five bedroomed contemporary detached house, of over 2100 sq ft, with imaginatively landscaped terraced garden, full of built in lighting, it is charming.

As many of you know, I am not the youngest person in the estate agency world. I learned type on a manual typewriter at Pitmans in 1979, and my first electric typewriter at work was a golf ball, (seriously, ‘google’ golf ball and /or daisy wheel typewriters for a little bit of nostalgia!).  I am still astounded that I can type something via a finger on a screen and it arrives a nano-second later anywhere around the world, let alone how emails work (knocks spots off a telex).  Anyway, I have recently discovered that there is a new kid on the block in the communication field – currently only via iPhone and access by invitation only – it is Clubhouse.  I have been a member for only a week, and still fumbling around it … but it is ostensibly a group of chatrooms filled with experts in whatever subject you may be interested in.  So, I ‘popped in’ to a session on Sunday morning about investing in property, where some clients were asking how to get planning permission on a Listed building, and experts were on hand to answer and give advice. I was delighted when it side-moved to people talking about haunted houses with which they have been involved … I loved it.  Another day, was people discussing  how best to encourage people’s ongoing investment in property. One evening I was (rather bored) and curious to see a pop up on my screen that there was a discussion about to start on disastrous first dates.  I really needed an uplift and a bit of fun, so ‘entered the room’ to eavesdrop on some fun goss. Darn, there were only two others there, and my presence was therefore welcomed and announced – and eek, I am an old married woman of 30years/ish and simply have no memory of disastrous dates!! I came up with an anecdote, and quietly left…! Anyway, I am delighted to have been invited to join a panel in a session on Wednesday evening next week at 8pm to discuss investing in property,  🇬🇧 HMO Investment tips – What agents should be telling you – Clubhouse (; if you are in Clubhouse, please do pop along and join us that evening. There is a strong line up panel of local solicitors, investment agents, and myself as a freelance agent with decades of knowledge etc. I look forward to seeing you there. Now, to find out how to work my iPhone properly and find a way to turn the Mic on, otherwise it might be a quiet evening …

There may just be time to munch the Valentine Day pressie chocolates before Shrove Tuesday next week. Time to put aside the recipes for sourdough bread (oh yes, I found an even better one, happy to share on request!), and dig out the pancake recipe. Might even buy a new pancake pan! Flipping heck!! Oh, my flipping isn’t that brilliant to be fair.

See you next time, once I have peeled mis-flipped pancakes off the ceiling.

Have a wonderful week, one and all, and please let me know if you would like advice on marketing your home in and around Winchester!

Kindest regards